İngilizce Ders Kitabı Pasifik Yayınları Sayfa 36-37-38 Cevapları

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  •  İngilizce Ders Kitabı Pasifik Yayınları Sayfa  36-37-38 Cevapları
    Sayfa 36
    28.Answer the questions.
    A)perfume or hair clip
    B)Computer games or video game
    29.Listen to the CD .........
    Cevap B)
    30.Choose the correct the answers.

    Sayfa 37
    32.Answer the questions
    A) Yes I have. kendi adresiniz ______
    B)Yes I do.
    33.Read Paula's e-mail ______
    1- happy 2- big 3-small 4-fresh 5-easy 6-expensive
    34.Answer the questions.
    A)They live in a big village.
    B)Life is easy and cheap in village
    C)Cities are noisy, crowded and expensive.

    Sayfa 38
    36.Compare life in the city and life in the village ............
    burda cümleler kurmuş (örn:Cities are noir than villages)
    37.Compare two palces or two things ..........
    fruits are healtier than sweets.
    a car is faster than a bicycle.
    a tent is smaller than a caravan.
    a house is more comfortable than a flat.
    summer is hotter than winter.
    İstanbul is moderner than Kars.

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