8.Sınıf İngilizce Kitabı 13.ünite

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  • 8.Sınıf İngilizce Kitabı 13.ünite

    13.ünite: 130-131-132-133-134-135-136-137-138
    13.ünite soruları
    8.Sınıf İngilizce 13.ünite soruları
    1 If you have difficulty in learning a language,you should try different _________________of good language learners

    A) problems
    B) guesses
    C) strategies
    D) titles

    2 In Turkey students are afraid of speaking target language _________ they can’t improve their English

    A) because
    B) so
    C) but
    D) and

    3 Language learners should be _________ to imrove their English They shouln’t be afraid of making mistakes

    A) brave
    B) perfect
    C) stressed
    D) better

    4 Language learning means improving the speakers’ four _____________These are listening, speaking, reading and writing

    A) opportunities
    B) strategies
    C) patterns
    D) skills

    5 In my _____________ ,English is ea***r than Turkish

    A) opinion
    B) advice
    C) feel
    D) believe

    6 Learning vocabulary is the ___________ key to be succsessful in a target language

    A) most important
    B) important
    C) more important
    D) unimportant

    7 Watching TV and listening to music in target language _____________ your language learning

    A) tells
    B) improves
    C) brings
    D) does

    8 I’m not good at communicating with ____________speakers so I should practise my English

    A) punctual
    B) stingy
    C) honest
    D) native

    9 Students should try to _________ the meanings of the new words before looking up the dictionary

    A) guess
    B) read
    C) write
    D) know

    10 Students ____________ some mistakes when they are using the target language

    A) do
    B) make
    C) makes
    D) does

    1 c
    2 b
    3 a
    4 d
    5 a
    6 a
    7 b
    8 d
    9 a
    10 b

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